Informationen zu den Keynote Lectures 2003

1. Hariolf Grupp:

Titel des Keynote-Vortrags:

The evolution of the German innovation system and its present

2. Thorsten Hens :

Titel des Keynote-Vortrags:

Evolutionary Portfolio Theory

3. Geoffrey Hodgson:

Titel des Keynote-Vortrags:

The Mystery of the Routine: The Darwinian Destiny of An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change

4. Gerald Silverberg:

Titel des Keynote-Vortrags:

Percolating Complexity: Generating the Complex Patterns of the Innovation Process from a Simple Probabilistic Lattice, with some Empirical Illustrations

Weitere Infos:

G. Silverberg and Bart Verspagen, "Brewing the future: Stylized facts about innovation and their confrontation with a percolation model,", .

G. Silverberg, "The discrete charm of the bourgeoisie," Research Policy, 31 (2002): 1275-1289.

G. Silverberg and B. Verspagen, "A Percolation Model of Innovation in Complex Technology Spaces," ).


5. Ulrich Witt

Titel des Vortrages:

Evolutionary Economics and the Extension of Evolution to the Economy

Der Buchenbach-Workshop 2003 wird finanziell durch
die Fritz Thyssen Stiftung gefördert.